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Check out our 10% off spooky Halloween backlight printing and product specials:

How Does it Work?:
For a limited time only, simply order any product or poster from our website and during checkout, type 'Apply SPOOKY10 Special' to receive 10% off any one product. The discount will not be immediately visible to you but will be discounted from your final order charges. The discount will apply to the most expensive product in your order. Only one use per customer per order. May use more than once if multiple orders shipping to different addresses (i.e: gifts). Email us with any questions or concerns at help@BuildaPoster.com.


Create a custom backlight poster using these tips:

How Does it Work?:
The first step in creating a custom blacklight poster, artwork, or other custom print is to choose an image. You can select an image from our custom artists galleries on the right side of this webpage or you can submit your own image. If you submit your own image, we will print your image in our custom ink system. Your custom poster will appear similar to the way the original image looks on your screen. The difference will be when you view the poster with the lights off, and a backlight activated. The colors will not disappear or all seem dark. Instead, they will all glow in the presence of the backlight. There are no invisible or hidden backlight sensitive features unless you specially request it (only available on orders over 1000 copies of the same original). All the colors will be similar to the way your image is viewed on the screen but more vibrant.

Many customers ask, "how can I make my final custom poster more backlight sensitive?" The trick is to use solid colors, not gradients, and to put colors that contrast each other close together. For example, a solid black background with a bright solid yellow, next to solid black, next to bright solid pink, next to black, next to bright solid orange, etc. Printing custom blacklight sensitive posters and artwork takes some trial and error. It's not always going to react exactly how you would expect on your first attempt. If you prefer to just order a poster that is guaranteed to look terrific, choose one from our custom artwork galleries on the right side of this page. Remember, you can submit any image file to us for printing, so don't be afraid to run some tests with your images and colors!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at help@BuildaPoster.com. We check the email 24/7 and will respond promptly. Email is the best way to reach us.

Thank you for finding and supporting our mission to provide custom artwork to the world!

Check out new artwork by clicking on an artist name on the right side of the webpage!

Custom posters, photo enlargements, collages, artwork, or banners that GLOW in the presence of a blacklight will be the perfect unique holiday gift for everyone! We can add text captions to your posters to personalize the gift for a small fee. Email us to find out more at help@buildaposter.com.


The more you order, the more you save. BuildaPoster.com is offering an incredible price for any orders of 50 posters or more. Email us at help@BuildaPoster.com. Order more, pay less. Stock up on your favorite posters or purchase a large quantity of your own original image file. Quantity discounts vary depending on the specifications of your order. Email or call us today to learn more!

If you would like to customize your very own posters or prints you can use any photo, image, or artwork that you desire. Simply prepare the file (contact us if you need assistance) and then click on "Build Your Own Poster" above at the top of this page.

THANKS FOR CHOOSING BuildaPoster.com for you custom blacklight poster PRINTING!!


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